Concordia Data for Hacking (Adds to Ableton Loop Data)

Updated 26 Jul 2019

New datafiles are available to be used in the Max patch at the link below. The files provide planetary position data in Cartesian coordinates, so please remove the “pol2cart” objects from the Max patch and send directly to the plotting/output objects. If you have any questions about this please contact Kelly.

More Linkline data files for Hacking on Concordia

OG Data from Ableton Loop

Hello – Concordia is at Ableton Loop 2018 in Los Angeles doing workshops and projects about playing solar systems as musical instruments! To download some data generated by Hartmut Warm’s Keplerstern app examples and adapted into MaxMSP by Joachim Gossman, Kelly Snook, and Tim Villiers, as well as a sonification app by Margaret Schedule and Matthew Blessing, unzip this file:

Signature of the Celestial Spheres – Examples for Loop

Recently at Music Tech Fest in Stockholm, Per-Olov Jernberg has made a version of these data files available in browser and can be accessed on his github site. We’re not quite sure they’re working right yet, but here they are for your playing pleasure:

Per-Olov Jernberg’s Node.js examples